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Please note that from July 2022 this site is no longer updated or maintained.

Welcome to the home of some Hexham Heads resources. If you are not familiar with the tale of the Hexham Heads, this probably isn’t the best place to start. Instead of recycling information which is widely available elsewhere on the web, the aim of this site is to add something new and beneficial to people who are interested in the enduring legend of the Hexham Heads.

If you are a newcomer to the Hexham Heads legend I suggest you start with the brief Wikipedia page, followed by parts one, two, three and four of the Urban Prehistorian blog. You can also consult the further resources page.

I have tried to organise the resources on this site into useful categories. You will find an index to Paul Screeton’s book Quest for the Hexham Heads, plus a download of his early work Tales of the Hexham Heads. There is also a locations page to show a Google street view of where the action took place, and a brief interview with Colin Robson who was one of the finders of the heads, plus much more. There were also some additional thoughts and research featured in the blog.

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