Colin Robson Interview

In late 2017 I was lucky enough to make contact with Colin Robson, one of the original finders of the Hexham Heads. Earlier in the year he had contributed to the Fortean Times Hexham Heads message board (see from post #120 onwards), but there were still a few unanswered questions which I wanted to know the answer to. As you may know, the ethos of this blog is to try not to repeat information which can be found elsewhere, but to try and unearth new angles on the story. For this reason I made sure that it was just a small amount of questions covering topics which I believe have been underreported.

The first questions concerned the Robsons’ budgie Sparky. The budgie was reported to have died around the same time as the Heads were found, and a number of sources have linked the death of the pet with activity from the Heads:

Question: Could you tell me a bit more about when your budgie died and you buried him in the garden. I’ve read that you thought that the heads had killed the budgie. Is that true?

Colin:  Yes we did have a budgie that died but we did not think it was the heads that caused it as far as I remember. Yes we buried it in the garden.

I then went on to ask about the strange glowing bush which had been reported in the garden. I wondered about the exact position of the bush, and whether that related in any way to where the budgie had been buried.

Question: When you buried the budgie it was reported that a glowing bush grew [in the garden]. Do you remember anything else about this and do you believe it was the heads?

Colin: Yes he was buried in the garden and yes there was a strange small bush that grew in the corner of our back garden but the bush grew in the exact place that the heads were unearthed. And yes the bush used to have a strange glow at night almost as if it was producing its own light.

I then went on to ask a couple of general questions:

Question: Did the heads feel hot in your hands when you held them?

Colin: No the heads felt cold if anything but they did make your hands tingle.

Question: Have you ever experienced any other paranormal events at any other time in your life?

Colin: Yes I have had quite a few instances and I do seem to have a sense to pick up spirit presence.

A huge thanks to Colin for allowing me to interview him. If you wish to use anything from this interview I would be grateful if you could acknowledge the source.

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